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Adapt Your Daily School Operations Remotely During Lockdown

With the imposition of lockdown across the world to fight the COVID-19  pandemic, normal life has been shattered affecting school management service. So in this wake of emerging situations, education management systems are shifting their operation mode to online school management software.

The effort is focused on effectively promoting the school engagements and encouraging students with e-learning. The School administration department is facing a long-run challenge in this social distancing and it is in need of a School ERP to regulate its functions remotely.

This pandemic situation may deeply interrupt the school admission management system. Hence using the school online application system automates the registration, records the documents, and allot various batches. Automatic emails can be delivered to parents to remind them of important updates. 

Fee payments are more flexible avoiding the long run queue. Parents can log in through the portal and check the details. Online tools like debit cards, wallets, credit, etc proceed to pay them online. Auto-Generated receipts complete the transaction process. 

Home support online classrooms with an integrated curriculum, timetable, calendar, and lesson plan is another feature. This way of the virtual class keeps the bond between teachers and students like they were in a real class.

CRM for school management can store large information of students, teachers, and staff remotely in the cloud system. 

Greenchalk is an integrated school management online software. The usage of Greenchalk’s online admission and onboarding system can make the school’s access to its operations more effective in this lockdown period while being safe at home. This revolutionary feature highlights the academy management system and is a unique school administration software.